Trevo - A Fresh Taste On Super Juice?

I have worked with super foods and if I had the recognition of David Wolf my work would recognized. My friends have been associated with this industry for over 25 years and I personally use different "Super Juices" in varied combinations to inculcate different feelings. Some days I want different emotions, on some days I want different ailmets removed and I use these poer drinks to achive this. I wonder if Trevo has these features.

After taking a look at the ingredients which have been listed at ,it is evident that Trevo is a wholeistic drink.

As mentioned before I have used combinations of various ingredients while trying out varius drinks. Some of the ingredients in Trevo are Ayurvedic and some are from the Amazon. The proportion in which these ingredients have been used in Trevo makes me wonder if the drink would be anything more than an energy boost and  a nutrient spike. Concentrated juices have various ingredients which usually should not be mixed because these compositions might stimulate the brain in opposite ways.

Many people get a boost from the Trevo drink. This makes me wonder if the boost has any effect on the state of being apart from the 'lightened' feeling one usually gets.

Figuring out that Trevo has good products and having a good feeling about them is not enough. You are looking for a good company, with a good compensation plan, excellent training, easy to market via the Internet and most importantly something which will allow you reach a top earner position. New companies like Trevo are dicy, yes you have chances of reaching a top spot in the company but there are chances the company might fail and take you down with it.

A quick look at the compensation plan will help us analyze the company better. Looking at this and the corporate structure will help us ascertain if the home based business will help you achieve financial success.

One great thing about the company is that they provide tons of training pertaining to setting up a website, lead capture pages and all the gizmos of Internet Marketing. It is rare to see many companies provide this kind of training. Internet Marketing and Web 2.0 are the call of the day and more and more companies are opting for this approach.

Let us take a look at the Trevo Compensation plan. Agreed that Trevo seems to have a good marketing strategy in place, as well as a training strategy. The question is do they have a good compensation plan which can help you make money.

One plus point for Trevo is they tend to motivate you while introducing the Trevo business opportunity. This does not mean you should not go for additional training from an external maetwork marketing training company, as this will ensure your success.
Coming back to the compensation plan, Trevo has group volume commisions, team bonuses for team volume recognition, leadership bonus and charity bonus. More information on the compenstaion plan can be acquired from

To say the truth I am impressed as they are promoting team building, leadership and teamwork as well as being charitable. Trevo does look like a company with great potential but since they are opening in a niche which seems saturated, I am wondering how viable this opportunity might be.

What this means for a distributor is that they need to think outside the box. In order to shine and make it big you need some proven marketing techniques which will provide the edge needed over others. Also the marketing training should help you use the webpages and lead capture pages to their full potential.

To Your Continued Success!